Sunday, June 20


I hate doubting myself and have often wished to be more confident. Lately, however, I have had the chance to observe someone who appears rather doubt-free. I'm now torn as to whether or not this is what I would want for myself. Although I completely adore this person, it seems that this utter confidence does have one serious defect--lack of self-assessment. Without the typical insecurities we all feel, would we really feel the need to self-assess? Would we see the need for change?

Confidence is most definitely a good thing, but the ability to recognize our faults is as well. (Although once a month it seems most girls get a little too good as this).

Just a thought. Hope you all are having a lovely day!

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  1. I think you are totally right. You have such a way with words:) And I think you have a great level of confidence. You are just a people pleaser too. I think you are AWESOME! I love the new look of your blog!