Monday, August 30

oh school.

I sure started school out with a bang.

Slept right through my first class.


Waking up has always been a great struggle for me (just ask my mom. She called me every morning my first semester to wake me up). I swear I am a motivated person...I'm not trying to slack off, I really don't know what happens when morning rolls around. I'm pretty sure my alarm clock went off this morning yet I have ZERO recollection.

But look at what I found!

When the alarm goes off, the puzzle pieces pop up and you have to put them all back together before the alarm will stop. Genius. I think I have just found the solution to my sleep demons.

I also like this next one...

The propeller shoots in the air and the alarm blares until it is put back in place.

It really might be worth the investment.

Anyway, after waking up late I rushed to school. At a red light I made the very unfortunate mistake of glancing into my rearview mirror. A gruesome scene met my eyes. (If you have a week stomach, turn away).

A boy (probably a fellow BYU student) was in the front seat of an SUV flossing his teeth. You are probably wondering what was so gruesome about this. Let me explain. After he finished flossing...HE LICKED THE STRING CLEAN! That's right, he willingly consumed all the plaque-covered treasures hiding between his teeth! I thought I was going to puke. Seriously sir? Is skipping breakfast such a big deal you have to make up for it in this vulgar fashion?

I submit to you, it is not. That is one vulgar meal replacement.


  1. you are hilarious.

    and I seriously about gagged as I was reading about floss boy. sick.sick.sick. heaven help his wife. or whoever dares to get near his mouth. gag.

  2. haha remember when we would always sleep through journalism in the library. such good times.