Wednesday, March 16

WHAT HAPPENS IN hopefully reported to the wife who stayed home.

-Conlin's in Vegas (left this morning, comes back on Sunday).
-I didn't really mean anything by the title. I know he's not doing anything suspicious.
-He's there with his brother and friends for spring break.
-I sure wish BYU had a spring break.
-Slave drivers.
-I can't sleep. That's why I'm blogging.
-I HATE not being able to fall asleep.
-It's torture, really. Because my whole day consists of a constant battle between me and my desire to ignore all the work that has to be finished and crawl into bed.
-So when I do crawl into bed...I should be able to sleep.
-I wake up in the morning and my first though is always: "T minus -fill in the blank- hours until I can go back to bed."
-The bed hog that I am, I should appreciate having the bed to myself.
-But I kind of miss Conlin shoving my sprawling limbs back onto my side.
-I am a seriously efficient person when I'm on my own.
-And the house is spotless.
-I'm producing quality homework.
-Not worth the trade, though.
-My dishwasher sucks.
-I can hear it running, that's why I said that.
-Sometimes people find it difficult to talk to me because my mind jumps about, and I forget to let people in on the random paths it's taking.
-Lo siento.
-I've been cooking lately.
-Kind of a big deal for me. I don't cook. Ever.
-Until I discovered audiobook versions of the many novels I have to read for class.
-Who knew all it took to transform me into a good little housewife was an audiobook?
-It's lovely, really. I can now clean and cook while doing homework.
-Before, I felt like I couldn't justify the time commitment cooking necessitates.
-Last night's cooking extravaganza sure backfired, though. I found a recipe online for cafe rio's chicken. Followed it exactly. And it was NASTY. Well, actually....I didn't even taste it. It smelled weird and I made Conlin try it first. The child will eat anything, so when he admitted he was not a fan, I dumped it all.
-We ordered pizza.
-I bet all this rambling has scared off my few readers.
-I wonder how long I would have to run to work off a haagan daz ice cream bar?
-Not that I have access to one, just curious.
-I like school. Conlin pointed this out.
-And I realized he was right. I do actually like school.
-Weird. I have spent so much time resenting all my homework, it almost escaped my notice.
-I think it makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile with my life.
-I really want to fall asleep right now.
-Because I want to go running in the morning. And the already slim chances of me getting up at 5:30 a.m. are diminishing with every minute I stay awake.
-So I'll wrap this up.
-I love my husband.
-And wish there were new episodes of Modern Family.
-And think shaker mugs are cool.

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  1. haha i love you. we should be running buddies!