Friday, June 3

I am a spurter.

I do things in spurts. LIKE POOP IN SPURTS. (I left my computer for a moment and Conlin added the second sentence. Hopefully you already had such a hunch).

Anyway... once a spurt stops, it often becomes very difficult for me to begin again whatever the focus of my spurt was.

I've lost you.

What I was trying to say was this: I'm sorry it's been months since I've blogged. Once I stop writing, I have so many thoughts and stories build up that when I attempt a post I become somewhat overwhelmed. My past attempts at keeping a journal were, sadly, reminiscent of this blog.

Anyway, here are some highlights from the past few months (most of which have no photographed documentation...guess you'll just have to take them on my word):

-Conlin turned 24. And yes, he matured beautifully this past year. He hardly farts anymore, never pokes me in the butt, rarely mocks the graceful way in which I sit on the toilet, and no longer laces his sentences with 'pooh' references. Wait, no. He still does all that. Guess at 24 he's still 'keepin' it real.'
-Winter semester ended.
-Centipedes attacked our apartment.
-I..uh...okay I swear I have been an active life-participant in my blog absence, but I can only think of one more thing to list:
-Conlin and I got to go to Italy and France. I'll blog more about this later, as I think the trip is deserving of more time and attention than I have at the moment. I will, however, leave you with some pictures. Adios!

Um. I'm technologically disabled and cannot get my pictures to upload. They are, however, on facebook. That's something, right? I'll try to get them up soon. Don't lose faith in me.

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