Friday, June 3


I mentioned in my previous post that centipedes attacked our apartment.

Well, it was hardly--if at all--an exaggeration. They are EVERYWHERE. Apparently someone thought it would be a good joke to hand out flyers to the centipede community advertising our apartment as a lovely and inviting retirement home for all.

At first they were satisfied with lining our walls, curling up in the space where carpet meets plaster. Still gross, but at least a manageable clean up. But lately they've become braver, venturing into the center of our rooms.

Treading barefoot in our apartment is no longer a care-free endeavor; one must keep their eyes peeled or--CRUNCH. Centipede remains appear beneath your foot.

This morning I spotted one crawling on a pillow next to our bed. Growling, I picked up the pillow, wanting to be eye-level with the invading centipede while I chastised him.

I began, "Where do you get off coming into MY house and crawling on MY pillows and crawling your nasty little body all over--" when cross-eyed I spotted a giant finger quickly approaching the centipede. And then it flicked. And I shrieked.

Conlin had flicked that mangy centipede right at my head! (He claims to have been aiming elsewhere, but...jury's still out on that one).


Please leave, centipedes.

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