Tuesday, September 20

this is how my brain works

-I maybe need to get more sleep.
-Last night at a Color Me Mine staff meeting someone suggested implementing pajama days (you wear pajamas, you get a deal). I asked if pajamas would be a staff requirement. And then--I'm chalking this up to sleep deprivation--I just got the giggles. Because me in pajamas at work would equal me in sheer garments with an apron. This image just got better and better as my ill-disciplined mind went to town.
-Oh, and about those embarrassing memories. Well I created a new one just days ago. Actually no, I didn't CREATE a new embarrassing memory, I just took part in one (I was victimized, if you will).
-I saw one of my in-laws naked. NAKED.
-I assume you'll forgive me for not blogging about this one in would be a little too close to home.
-I wonder why God made our bodies like he did. There are certain parts...did he run out of time? Felt like playing Ashton Kutcher on the sixth day of creation?
-At a stop light the other day I glanced in my rear view mirror and spotted a cartoonish man behind me. At first glance, I thought--please forgive me--there's the village idiot.
-But then I really looked at his face and realized he was actually quite good looking. He just had really small, really close eyes. Isn't that weird how something as seemingly insignificant as eye proximity can completely change someone's view of you? It shouldn't, but too often it does.
-He had a ring on, though. So don't be too sorry--someone got past those eyes. (Hopefully a girl with wide-set eyes...even out their children's layout).
-I don't understand elevator etiquette. It's weird being smushed in a small space with strangers, everyone silent and avoiding eye contact. How did that become the norm?
-The other day I thought of this quote: "Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels." I thought of it because I was eating a Haagan Dazs ice cream bar. I bet whoever came up with that quote hadn't tried Haagan Dazs.
-See how I'm rambling? Honest to goodness, this is how my brain works. There's no identifiable stream in my stream of conscience.

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