Sunday, December 23

my personal life has never been more interesting to a group of humans

Me: "How are you guys doing with this article?"
Students: "Uh..."
I sit down.  "Well, let's start with the basics.  What's the topic?"
Lindsey: "College majors or something.  When are you going to have babies?"
Me: "Uh...not any time soon.  What majors does the article talk about?  And why are they important?"
Lindsey: "Why not soon?"
Me: "I'm young and want to work for awhile.  No rush.  So, the article opens by-"
Lindsey: "Your kids are going to be so cute."
Me: Grinning, "Thank you.  Now--"
Lindsey: "Do you party?"
Me: "No.  Never liked it, even in high school.  Rachel, what is one of the author's main points?  Just give it your best try."
Lindsey: "But why not?  You're young." 
Scott and Rachel, almost in unison: "What is with all the personal questions??"

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