Wednesday, January 9

well hallelujah

As you can see, my blog has had a bit of a makeover.  Clearly this is not my doing, as I'm more computer illiterate than most (all?) grandparents.  The genius behind the design is Rylee Greening.  If you'd like to personally thank her for making my blog less appalling to look at [or if you want her to design something for you, too] you can reach her at:

But, seriously.  Halle-effing-lujah we no longer have to stare at my sorry design attempt, am I right??

In other news:
I accidentally smacked one of my students in the face with a plastic bucket today.
In case you've yet to figure out how to accidentally smack faces, I shall explain:
We were having a student-led discussion on King's letter from Burmingham jail.  Everyone was responsible for one verbal comment, with the chance to receive extra credit if they commented twice.  To track the responses, I had them write their names on little squares of paper, crumple the papers and then toss them into my plastic bucket after they commented.  Essentially I was just trying to create a somewhat educational opportunity for them to throw stuff, because they seem to be into throwing shit.  Things were going somewhat smoothly until kid genius commented and I reached my bucket forward to make his toss easier.  He threw his paper forward, but slightly to the right, and I automatically shifted the bucket to try to catch the paper.  What I was slow to realize was that I had been holding the bucket in front of another student's head.  When I jerked the bucket to the right, I smacked it right into his innocent and baffled face.
So, yeah.  Turns out my education classes never covered "How to react after you've physically abused a student on accident."  Had to figure that one out on my own.  Thanks BYU.  



  1. bahahaha "because they seem to be into throwing shit." Ummm yea. Same with my 4th grade students.
    Today, a student threw SCISSORS. Yea. My life is awesome.
    Love your new layout!

  2. Um... I LOVE your new blog look! It's so you and just awesome! That is hilarious. Poor kid, it always happens to the innocent students instead of the annoying ones you wish you could hit in the face.

  3. Hi dear!!

    Just found you through Rylee's site and I'm loving your blog! You are adorable and this post is pretty funny. I'm studying to be teacher, so I'm instantly drawn to the fact that you were teaching kids!! Love it, following you now :-)

    XOX Jenna @ Demure in Diamonds {dot} com